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The only Android home screen launcher that makes mobile trading and investing simple for all!

Top Features

Learning Center

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, our comprehensive video learning center can help you get started and fill any knowledge gaps you may have about the markets. ITG offers a handpicked curated library of beginner, intermediate, and expert level courses across Stock, Cryptocurrency, Technical Analysis categories.


Track as many financial assets as you’d like, all in real-time. Add/remove symbols, and personalize your custom watchlist. Easy picking of the most promising securities out of thousands, covering the world's major exchanges.

Advanced Charts

Free trading and candlestick charts that surpass even desktop trading platforms in quality. Track price movements on your interactive full-screen charts across multiple timeframes: Daily, weekly, monthly, or intraday. Additional features like zooming, crosshair, etc. also available.

Breaking News

Breaking news, updates, and analysis on global financial markets, as well as technology, politics, and business. Be the first to read the latest on stocks, cryptocurrencies, Forex, commodities, and the global economy.

Trade Simulator

Enhance your knowledge of the markets & test new trading strategies without any risk of losing real money. Start with $10,000 in virtual money and place unlimited trades across Stock, Cryptocurrency, and Forex markets. Our simple interface helps you learn the markets, monitor their positions, and get practical trade execution experience.

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